Thursday, August 13, 2009

Roll call

I realize this group has been slow to gain any momentum in its exchange. I have to start over since my book was lost along the way, but before I do, is everyone still interested in continuing this exchange? I will do whatever the group wants to do - either disband or keep going with the knowledge that it's very slow moving. Or we can re-energize and establish mailing deadlines to keep people moving.

What do you all think?


Kelley said...

I'm up for keeping the group going, I'd really like to have everyone draw in my book. If others want to disband, I'm okay with that - I'm in six other groups, LOL, but I just want to make sure I get my book back.

That's my vote anyway.

I still have Rikards moly, it's almost done...just a bit more to go before I send it on to Natalia.

Kelley said...

I was just curious...and didn't think to ask in my previous comment, but who has my moly for this group? It's been a looooonnnggg time since i've seen it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kelley for the input. I'm happy to keep going too if people want to.

As for books, I don't have any right now.

sha said...

I am still in. I am so sorry I am one of the snail ppl.

I emailed Kelley last week to see if she wanted me to send the one I'm trying to complete in a few days to here or to you AzureGrackle.

I have the cowboy theme moly and my own. I am trying to send off one or both by the end of this week.

Nat said...

I'm still in.
By the way, who have my moly?

sha said...

Nat I do. Cowboy theme.