Friday, March 13, 2009

Double Moly!

Today I got a nice little package from Rikard with both his and Natalia's moleskines in it. So now I have three total to work on over the next few weeks. This should be fun!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Jena...are you out there??

Hi All...I just wanted to make you aware that we seem to have a participant who is MIA. Both Shante and I have been trying to reach Jena for awhile now and I'm sad to say aren't having much luck getting a response from her. I've emailed her a few times through flickr, but haven't heard back. Then this morning I found she had a gmail address posted and tried her there too. As of now, I've yet to hear anything and I am still waiting to work in a book for this exchange. I suggested to Shante that until we hear from her we might want to just skip her in the rotation and if she comes back and wants to participate we can, of course, include her. However Shante has already mailed her Azuregrackles book...and Shante? I'm assuming your own as well, right? So that means Jena may have those in her possession. I'm not really sure what you all want to do, I just thought I'd let you in on what I've been up to..which is nothing...and see how you wanted to proceed :)

Best to all.
Oops! I forgot to say that now mine and Natalia´s molys are on their way to Jenn. Finally! :D
I was in such a hurry to send them of that I forgot to snap some pics of them. Hopefully Jenn will show them of later.

I haven´t received Kelley´s from Nat yet. Strange.