Monday, February 9, 2009

WIP, mailing to Jena 2/10/09

(WIP from the beginning)

I apologize for being one of the slow ppl. I did my research for my moly and for Azuregrackles. I was so excited to do moly 52, and then I looked around and a month or two has flown by.

I apologize to Jenn aka Azuregrackle for holding your book so long. I will be mailing Jena Azuregrackle's poetry book to Jena by tomorrow.

Such a wonderful concept the poetry book. I had so many poems that I loved and that still stay with me. I choose three and then three became 2 and then American History by Micheal Harper won, I think because of all that is happening now and watching movies and PBS like Eyes on the Prize. "American History" poem I just saw images so instantly. I hope Azuregrackle likes my contribution to her moleskin. One love.


Kelley said...

what an interesting addition to the poetry book....can't wait to see this one up close when it gets to me :)

sha said...

Thanks Kelly. I can't wait to get your moly, I already know what I want to add ot it. I want to see your little riding hood up close as well.