Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Azuregrackle's Moly off to Jena - Progess Shots

I forgot to post progress shots and completed shot of my entry into Azuregrackle's Moly that is now in mail route to Jena. Eager to see what other people are working on, and can't wait to contribute to more molys.


AzureGrackle said...

This looks great, thanks Shante!

Kelley said...

Really lovely work, Shante. I made a comment on flickr, but I'll post another here...I really enjoy the fact that you left this simple in terms of the color...really makes the text stand out on it's own. Great job.

As for other's work, I've still yet to receive anything for this exchange...and I'm not hearing back from Jena who I'm supposed to receive from, so I'm not sure what to do...I suppose I'll just continue waiting and see what happens, best to all.