Monday, October 27, 2008

Hello Moly 52!

Hello Moly 52 - a merry band of six artists.

I'm Jenn. I'm a printmaker in Massachusetts on the east coast of the US. I also work at a small contemporary art museum with a large outdoor sculpture park, so I'm lucky to enjoy art and nature every day. I'm not sure yet what my theme will be for this exchange, but I am thinking about something abstract like "poetry" and then you all can interpret that however you like. I hope you all will say hello, introduce yourselves, and we can get this ball rolling!

Here's the list of the order that we will go in and I will send out mailing addresses individually via email.

AzureGrackle - Jenn from Massachusetts, USA
ShanteB - Shante from Virginia, USA
PaintMarks1 - Jena from Washington, USA
ilovetodoodle - Kelley from California, USA
Belle_Vue_ - Natalia from Moscow, Russia
favati - Rikard from Hagersten, Sweden

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