Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nat's Cowboy Moly off to Kelley

Will be on its way to Kelley. It was fun to do and was educational.

Curious where are the other molys?
Favati I guess you would need my address?
I feel like I've seen everyones moly but Kelleys.

Happy creating.



Kelley said...

Sha - just to respond to your question...I sent an email to Favati trying to locate my book and he does still have it. I've also received confirmation from Nat that she received his book in the mail, which I sent off a few weeks back. So that should help with your locating of the books :)

Kelley said...

uh...I'm a bit confused though...who has yours?

MBT said...

it is good
i like it

sha said...

I thought I sent mine off but found it while cleaning. I would be glad to send it but it looks like we are dead. I have not gotten any email for my address to recieve Kelley's moly or anything. I hope the rest of the molys didnt' get lost.