Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rikard's Doodle Moly

So Rikard's theme as much as there is one, is doodles. Tonight I was out at a girl's craft night (wine, cupcakes and friends with busy fingers) and doodled a bubble with a needle being pointed at it. A reference to my mood these days? Perhaps. Influenced by the sewing going on around me? Definitely. Off to Shante next. I still have Nat's to work on and will send that off soon too.


Kelley said...

Yay!! So nice to see work being done for this exchange!!! I've still yet to receive a book though :(

Has anyone been able to reach Jenna? I can't remember if Shante mailed her Jen's book or not...oy, I apologize I have a terrible memory.

Favati said...

Cool! :D I´ve got Kelley's moly from Natalia the other day. Will start on that soon.

sha said...

i love your entry.

kelley haven't heard from jenna. yeah i had mailed her the book awhile ago. a book should be coming to you soon. i will email you for ur info when im done.